Parade for Carriers

All your freight brokerage partners in one place, with insights to help you secure the best loads.

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Your Digital Carrier Identity

Your MC secured and protected for your dispatching and planning team.


Company verification

We’ll check your FMCSA authority and directly contact you to confirm your carrier.


Add your team

Add your dispatchers to TrueCarrier so that they can have access too.


and move!

Once you’re signed in, you can digitally transact with your logistics partners.

TrueCarrier unifies your login with all your partners

No more passing around spreadsheets with all your different logins. Ask your partners about Parade sign-in.

Booking loads from email

Ask your partners for Parade access to book loads directly from those load emails.

Finding loads from Parade

Parade for Carriers enables your team to find and analyze all your opportunities.

More coming soon!

Stay tuned as we announce upcoming partners that implement Parade sign-in.

Powered by TrueCarrier Identity Management

Our proprietary identity management system keeps trucking identities secured and verified with the authorities and third-parties so that your partners are able to safely do business.